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in an endless wind
Rubies on a silver chain
                  against white skin
    she laughs
           towards tomorrow
    clutching rubies
    she laughs in the face
           of an unruly ocean
of a wild winter
She dreams.
but only in song.
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The Guitar
The sky sits. It sits, it doesn't float, it doesn't stand, it doesn't look or dream or swear. It is there, ever present, ever grey, even when it purports to be blue or green or yellow or diamond. It lies, it lies like the ground lies. And the trees, they are the biggest liars of them all. All sideways, it's disgusting. I can't stand it.
Do you ever feel a little strange? Like someone's stirring you with a long spoon? They say it's made of silver but can silver make you feel this ill? Like gel. Just like gel, wobbling about on a big pot of goo. Make you feel so strange.
And it's never enough, what you say. You can never get the words right. There's always something missing, and oh so many ways you could put it, but when it comes down to it you're just not beautiful enough. They were all so beautiful, that's why they could do it. Words reveal your soul, they can't capture it but they can will give a glimpse, but only if there's one to see.
I never grew old but somehow I thought I did. I
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For You
I came here in a pink balloon
Tied with a ribbon to keep me
Came down just to see you smile
Just to see you glow with pride
But something went awry
As the balloon bled out its sighs
The lace of your dress was nowhere around
Cries more like screams escaped me
I still look around
But you're not here
I grow old
In an abyss
I wish I'd know I'd be so alone
I might never have come
If I'd known you'd already gone
Before I ever took my first breath
No clue
No sign
No kiss
No smile
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"Oh look at that. It's a river!" A voice exclamaimed
"Yes it is indeed a river, how very observant of you," another replied with barely concealed unenthusiasm.
"It's massive."
"It's putrid."
"It's not... ok it is. We need to get across."
"Do we? We could just turn back and face the hordes."
"You mean the tourists?"
"Terrifying aren't they?"
"You know, you're not half as funny as you think you are. Now how do you think we'll get across?"
"Should we try it like the Seven Sisters?"
"The what?"
"You know, the ones that drowned?"
"The 'She only did as she was told' thing? Forgot about that."
"I was rather into the one that 'got washed away'. She was cute. What was her name again?"
"That's right. So you want to cross the river then?"
"Yes please if you don't mind Mr. Poof"
"Flattery won't get you anywhere son... It's quite um.. fast, isn't it?"
"Probably deep as well."
"...You wouldn't happen to see any bridges with those bright young eyes of yours?"
"Oh yes, there's seven of them goi
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10.49 PM
I'm breaking the rules
Am still awake
Though I know I shouldn't be
It seems you have a hold on me
I don't want to be released
But I do want some sleep
I go on
Another hour
Why not when I have a life time?
A time will come, all too soon
When I'll have to do without you
When words will run dry
And all there'll be
Are the things they said about you
So I'll stay another hour
And try not to close my eyes
What's another hour
Let the world fly by
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I recently started a little writing project called "Stagnation", it's basically a collection of short stories and poems I wrote because I never seemed to finish anything. I wanted to see if I could write seven stories in the course of about a week and then go back and improve on them. I wrote far more than seven, mostly because I wasn't happy with some of them and ended up completely replacing them, and it really took me a bit longer than a week. The point is, I did finish it. Then I just let it sit for a while.

I now went back to it and surprisingly it's mostly pretty good. The collection contains three poems and four short stories. I've already uploaded three of them here (Owl, 10.49pm and For You) but I thought I'd upload a few more because I actually quite like them.

A couple days ago I wrote two more poems which I'm going to add to Stagnation and probably upload after I've had another look at them. In other writing news, I'm working on a slightly longer story of mine which will hopefully come together somehow. Currently I'm struggling with dialogue, pacing and direction (In other words, I don't know what the point of the story is. It's not even artistically pointless, it's just pointless).

Finally I've also drawn two pictures. They're not quite finished yet (My pens both ran out of ink, I'm going to have to buy new ones). One of them is very likely to end up here, the other one will if it scans properly but my scanner is legendarily rubbish so we'll just have to wait and see.

This is probably the most relevant journal I've written on dA since ever (I've been here since 2006 on various accounts so that's quite an achievement. How many points do I get for it?) I suppose I should keep up the influx on irrelevant information by mentioning that my dog smells horrible and I'm doing bad at school. It's also very cold and winter.

-Semyas the Hardly Legendary

P.S: I recently wrote a short story called Vera. I love it and sort of want to put it up but I don't want to type it on a computer, it would ruin its artistic integrity (or some such shit). If it ends up here it will be scanned and you'll have to make sense of my beautiful handwriting. This also means buying the right kind of paper and re-writing it. If I ever get it done it will be beautiful.


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